Yantian online investment promotion meeting held to attract businesses

From: yantian.gov.cn | Updated:2021-08-16

The Yantian Investment Promotion and Enterprise Service Center held an online investment promotion meeting recently, which was attended by more than 30 representatives from 27 enterprises in such fields as life health, scientific and technological innovation and financial services.

The attendees were invited through the joint efforts of several companies including Fire Stone Co. Ltd., Jingdong Technical Co. Ltd. and Zhongguancun Technical Co. Ltd.

A staffer with the service center introduced the industrial layout, spatial carriers, and supporting facilities in Yantian District, and interpreted favorable policies to companies inindustries of life and health and scientific and technological innovation to help companies know better about Yantian’s business environment.

A person in charge of the service center answered questions regarding the situation of industrial zones, star services, and policies of talent introduction, which strengthened participating enterprises’ confidence in the strategic emerging industries in Yantian District. Li Sida, deputy director of the Yantian Investment Promotion and Enterprise Service Center, invited enterprises to open businesses in Yantian.

In recent years Yantian has formed a cluster of industrial chains incorporating port logistics, gold and jewelry, life and health, and coastal tourism. Development of Yantian District facilitated the settlement in Yantian of the Shenzhen Research Institute of Nankai University and the Technology Transfer Center of Shenzhen Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.