Investment Environment

From: Yantian District Government Online | Updated:2023-04-13

China is deepening the implementation of the “One Belt and One Road” Strategy, the development of free trade zone and the innovation-driven development strategy. Shenzhen further advances construction of the modern international innovation-oriented city and initiates the Eastward-advancing strategy. Facing such historical opportunities, Yantian District strives to build the Beautiful District. It insists on innovation-driven development and quality leap of development, implementing the Eastward-advancing strategy in high gear. Meanwhile, it accelerates the development of the Two Areas, which namely include the world shipping logistic hub area and the national demonstration area for ecological civilization. It also builds the Two Towns with great efforts, namely, the town with abundant sea and mountain tourism resource and the town of harmonious livelihood. Yantian District takes the lead in accomplishing a higher level well-off society and strives to build itself into an international modern costal district.

1. Urban Environment


Founded in 1998, Yantian District is located in the east of Shenzhen. Its territory of sea and land is adjacent to Hong Kong and is back to the Pearl River Delta. It is not only the fulcrum for the development of east Shenzhen, but also the hub connecting Shenzhen and the east Guangdong. It administrates 74.91 km2 with permanent residence of 261,500 and registered population of 78,000. It is the least populated administrative district in Shenzhen. Yantian district is founded for its port advantage, thrives for its coastal and mountainous landscapes and flourishes for its cultural factors. It is famous for its elegant refinement and charming beauty.

The exquisite scenery grants unique tourism resource to Yantian District. It is connected with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region by sea and mountain. There are numerous beaches, islands, cliffs and reefs scattering over the zigzag seashores. Its coastline extends 19.5 km and is one of the most beautiful Gold Coast in South China and even nationwide.

One Street and Two Systems, Cloud and Mist of the Wutong Mountain as well as Walking in the Weaves of the Meisha Beach are among the Eight Must-See Landscapes of Shenzhen. In Yantian District, mountains blend with sea and people live in harmony with nature. The summit of the Wutong Mountain which is the highest peak in Shenzhen, together with the Wutong National Forest Park and the Sanzhoutian Country Park with area up to 22 km2 enable the Yantian District to be back against the green hills while embrace the sea.

1) Ecological Environment

In 2017, Yantian District has 355 days of good air quality, with the excellence rate of 97.3%. With annual PM 2.5 density of 24 μg/m3, its air quality is in par with the EU standards. The District has honorably obtained the title of National First Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zones, become the only district and county-level administrative region elected for this honor in this province, and realized “Six Consecutive Championships” in the assessment of ecological civilization construction. All communities are constructed as the provincial level livable communities.

Yantian District is the first National Eco-region in South China with a forest coverage rate of 67% and centralized urban sewage treatment rate of 98%. It is the only district which is completely up-to-standard for water quality of rivers, off-shore sea areas and drinking water sources in the whole city.

Yantian District initiates the operation of ecological carbon service platform. The project Research and Application of the Urban GEP Accounting System is granted as the8th Session National Award for Governmental Innovation Best Practice. In 2017, the urban GEP was 110 billion yuan, representing an increase of 0.7%, and maintaining the growth together with GDP for five years successively.

All schools in Yantian District are built as Green Schools, all communities are rated Green Communities and all star hotels are Green Hotels. The seashore boardwalk of 19.5km, the greenways of 184km, mountain trails and the bicycle slow line system interweave with each other. They jointly form a sound green transportation system as beautiful as a melody touching your heart.

2. People’s Livelihood

There are 16 primary and middle schools, 30 kindergartens in Yantian District. It is listed as the Best District with Abundant Education Resource in Guangdong and the District Advanced in Balanced Development of Compulsory Education in China. State-run primary and middle schools have taken the lead in introducing foreign teachers, vice presidents focusing on technology, and future classrooms in the city. Besides, Yantian District is equipped with well–established health service system, including 1 hospitals, 1 maternal and child care service center, 15 CHSC (Community Health Service Centers).The expenditure of the District on nine major fields of the people’s livelihood is 5.311 billion yuan, representing an increase of 15.2%. Also, this District has put forth effort to implement cultural project benefiting people, and has held various cultural and sports activities for more than 2,600 rounds and times, for participants over 260,000. The per capita sports area ranks the first place in the city.

The nursing home of the social welfare center in Yantian District is selected as the experimental unit for the national standardized elderly care services. The newly-built libraries, archives, natatoriums as well as the culture and sports centers have been put into operation. The 4-level public library network has been put into use, which enables the residents in the district to access the public library within 10-minute walk.Besides, the urban registered unemployment rate of Yantian Distinct is as low as 1.9%.

With harmonious society, Yantian is granted as the Most Philanthropic and Benevolent Community for good public order. The District takes a leadin the city and even the province for the public’s sense of security and the people’s satisfaction with the public seciruty work. Ittakes the first step in formulating the social service standard by category in China. It is identified as the National Demonstration Area for Social Service and become the first national pilot district for standardized social service. The District is famous nationwide for its security construction brand. It has been titled as National Advanced District for Security Construction, and become one of the 5 administrative districts and counties obtaining this special honor in the province. Also, it ranks the first place in the city in the safety assessment of foods and drugs.

3. Traffic Environment

The land and sea territory of Yantian District connect to Hong Kong. It takes a short time to get to Hong Kong through the Shatoujiao Port and only takes 40 minutes to reach the Kowloon Tong transportation hub in Hong Kong. The restart of the Meisha port specialized for tourists is underway. When it restores operation, it only takes 30 minutes from Meisha Port to Sha Tin Wharf in Hong Kong.

To east, the highway network connects to Shenzhen-Huizhou and Shenzhen-Shantou highways through the Yantian-Baguang coastal highway. It is convenient toget to coastal cities like Huizhou and Shantou within short time. It meets the urban road network of Shenzhen to west through the No.2 Shenzhen-Yantian Channel or the Wutong Mountain Tunnel. To north, it connects to the Jihe Highway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai Highway and Boluo-Shenzhen Highway through the Yantian-Paibang Highway as well as merges into the expressway network of Pearl River Delta and Guangdong Province.

The District has completed the construction of major traffic projects like Phase-One Project of Metro Line 8, and Pingshan-Yantian Channel, etc. The facilities will future boost the growth momentum while implementing the Eastward-advancing strategy.