Supporting policies

From: Invest Shenzhen | Updated:2023-04-13

With concept of Small Government and Big Society, Yantian District government pushes forward the reform of public administration system.It keeps the most downsized government in Shenzhen while delivers efficient service. The entire process of administration application and approval is simplified, which greatly improves the administration service. The District has put forth effort to promote the reform of “Internet+ AdministrativeServices” Model. All government affiliatedinstitutions are able to go through the whole administrative approval procedures via internet. Online service can reach every subdistricts and communities in Yantian.

Yantian District has formulated wide range of policies on supporting the enterprise development and also formed sound mechanism for providing service to enterprises. For instance, the District allots the key enterprises among the district leaders in order to provide quick and efficient service. Meanwhile, it conducts a campaign of 100 People Serving 100 Enterprises (Every enterprises is allocated a dedicated governmentofficial for better service). Yantian District offers various capital supports to the enterprises like setting up the industry development funds and venture capital fund for the start-up companies. All of them inject power into the industries and boost local enterprise development.

In order to ease the talent’s concern on housing, Yantian District establishes a company dedicating to providing public housing service to the talents. This District provides3,625 houses for talentswhich are newly constructedand collected, exceeding the sum of the past since the establishment of this District.