Appreciating blooming Enkianthus quinqueflorus at Wutong Mountain

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2023-02-14

Be it warm or a little chilly, flowers have been in bloom at Wutong Mountain, the tallest mountain in Shenzhen at 943.7 meters, since early January. And one of the mountain’s most famed species is Enkianthus quinqueflorus (吊钟花), which has been attracting crowds of people to go and take delight in their elegant beauty.12.jpg

Chinese New Year flowers. Photos by Wang Haolan

Enkianthus quinqueflorus, better known in South China as the Chinese New Year flower, blooms around the Spring Festival, also called the Chinese New Year. 

The plant is an endemic species of Ericaceae and can only be found in mountainous areas with an altitude of 600 to 2400 meters. As it symbolizes auspiciousness and blooms during the Spring Festival, it has become a traditional festival flower in Guangdong Province.

Besides the Chinese New Year flowers, you can also find other alpine plants — as well as birds — cthat are not commonly-seen in the city's downtown area, including Rhododendron moulmainense, sliver-leaf trees, Barthea barthei (Hance) Krass, Cerasus serrulat, chestnut bulbul, black bulbul, crested serpent eagle, white-bellied yuhina, and Indochinese yuhina.

You can take Metro Line 8 to Haishan Station (海山站), then take the "山海专线" shuttle bus to Enshang Wetland on Wutong Mountain and then hike for around 1.5 hours to see the Chinese New Year flowers.


A close-up shot of the Chinese New Year flowers.

The blooming deciduous shrubs or small trees, a species of the Ericaceae family, can be seen on the earth slopes in the Rhododendron Valley. Coming in white-pink to pink in color and shaped like small hanging bells in bunches, the delicate flowers create a glorious sight, making the mountain gorgeous and enchanting in the spring.



Scenes of the Wutong Mountain Forest Parlor.

Besides appreciating the blooming flowers, the newly opened Yantian District Banshan Park belt and the Wutong Mountain Forest Parlor are an eye-catching scenic spot in Yantian. The Wutong Mountain Forest Parlor is an alpine forest wetland covering an area of 11 hectares. Surrounded by mountains, lush greenery, rich ecology and fresh air, it is a “secret place” hidden deep between the mountain and the sea.

With the arrival of spring, it's a perfect time to be with families and connect with the nature!

Photo highlights:


A Swinhoe's white-eye forages on a blooming cherry tree on Wutong Mountain.


A close-up view of peach blossoms.


A close-up shot of cherry blossoms.