Coastal promenade in Yantian

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2020-07-06

Yantian is most famous for its beautiful sea views. There are also some unique parks for taking pictures in the district.

俯瞰海景栈道  0127_副本.jpg

A sea view plank road at Yantian District. Photos by Sun Yuchen

近10米高的章鱼 B79I3129_副本.jpg

A 10-meter-tall octopus statue at Haishan Park.

通向海岸的摸结构体现的海岸即景 B79I3143_副本.jpg

海景公园的 观海台海景栈道 B79I3202_副本.jpg

A visitor watches the sea at Sea view Park.



中央公园附近的 壹海城 B79I3320_副本.jpg

Inside One Mall.

宽阔的 海景栈道 B79I3267_副本.jpg

A sea view plank road at Sea View Park.

盐田中央公园人行天桥 B79I3107_副本.jpg

A footbridge in Yantian Central Park.