Things to do near Haishan Station on Metro Line 8

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2021-01-05

Haishan Station 海山站


A view near the Haishan Station. Photos by Wang Haolan

Walking northwestward for 10 minutes from Exit A2, you will reach the foot of Bitong Trail (碧桐道), leading to the 943.7-meter Big Wutong (大梧桐) peak. One Mall (壹海城) near Exits A1 and B is a large shopping and dining place for you to relax after you climb the mountain.


Tourists appreciate scenaries by the sea.


Residents fish at the Yantian Coastal Promenade.

Walking southward along Haishan Road, you will get to the popular Yantian Coastal Promenade (盐田海滨栈道), which is 19.5 kilometers long. 


A view of the Lighthouse Library.

Don’t forget to check out the Lighthouse Library (灯塔图书馆): The newly built community library is an ideal place for you to spend a quiet afternoon reading books and enjoying the sea view. 


A view of the Yantian Central Park.


Facilities at the Yantian Central Park.


Kids have fun at the Yantian Central Park.

Yantian Central Park (盐田中央公园) near Exit C has the nickname of “Shenzhen’s Little Barcelona” because some of the architecture in the park is inspired by renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi’s designs at the Park Guell in Barcelona.