Invest in Yantian, invest in future

From: Yantian Government Online | Updated:2018-12-27

Founded in 1998, Yantian District is located in the east of Shenzhen. Its territory of sea and land is adjacent to Hong Kong and is back to the Pearl River Delta. It is not only the fulcrum for the development of east Shenzhen, but also the hub connecting Shenzhen and the east Guangdong. It administrates 74.91 km2 with permanent residence of 261,500 and registered population of 78,000. It is the least populated administrative district in Shenzhen. Yantian district is founded for its port advantage, thrives for its coastal and mountainous landscapes and flourishes for its cultural factors. It is famous for its elegant refinement and charming beauty.

The exquisite scenery grants unique tourism resource to Yantian District. It is connected with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region by sea and mountain. There are numerous beaches, islands, cliffs and reefs scattering over the zigzag seashores. Its coastline extends 19.5 km and is one of the most beautiful Gold Coast in South China and even nationwide.

One Street and Two Systems, Cloud and Mist of the Wutong Mountain as well as Walking in the Weaves of the Meisha Beach are among the eight must-see landscapes of Shenzhen. In Yantian District, mountains blend with sea and people live in harmony with nature. The summit of the Wutong Mountain which is the highest peak in Shenzhen, together with the Wutong National Forest Park and the Sanzhoutian Country Park with area up to 22 square meters enable the Yantian District to be back against the green hills while embrace the sea.