Together We Will Win

From: | Updated:2021-06-04

Shenzhen Yantian Port is one of the biggest container ports in the world.

On May 21, one asymptomatic case was found during the routine nucleic acid testing among crew members working with freighters.

In the following days, several more asymptomatic cases related to working with freighters were found during the mass nucleic acid testing.

The sprouting up of cases signaled an alarm for the battle against the pandemic in Yantian District, where the port is located.

Shenzhen started a massive nucleic acid testing program in Yantian District, testing everyone three times a week.

From May 31 to June 1, Shenzhen was hit by rainstorms.

From early morning till nightfall, we recorded Yantian District carrying out its third round of mass nucleic acid testing.

Groups of community personnel work hard to fight the pandemic.

These are the most selfless and touching moments in Yantian.