Students asked to monitor health before new semester

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2023-02-03

Primary and secondary schools as well as kindergartens in Shenzhen have been required to inform students and teachers to undergo home health monitoring before returning to campus for the spring term Monday, the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau said in a notice Wednesday.

Those who show symptoms such as fever, coughing, fatigue and sore throat must take a COVID antigen self-test immediately. If the result is negative, they must not return to school until symptoms disappear after two more negative antigen self-test (with an interval of 24 hours) results, according to the notice.

Teachers and students are also encouraged to enhance self-protective measures on the way to school in order to reduce the probability of infections.

Schools must ensure daily health monitoring on students and teachers after the new term starts and remind students and teachers to report any abnormal symptoms they experience.

Additionally, schools are required to disinfect campuses and school buses thoroughly and keep classrooms fully ventilated before the new term starts.

After the new term begins, schools must spread knowledge to help students form good personal hygiene habits and promote COVID vaccination among students and teachers, as per the notice.