City gears up for holiday travel peak

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2023-09-28

Shenzhen will see a peak of vehicles leaving the city on the evening of Sept. 28 for the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays.

The city’s transport bureau estimates that the daily volume of vehicles leaving Shenzhen on expressways to peak at over 700,000 vehicles, with outbound traffic concentrated on today and tomorrow, the first day of the holidays.

The peak of returning vehicles, totaling around 450,000, is expected to arrive Oct. 6, the last day of the holidays.

Shenzhen’s checkpoints with Hong Kong will see a surge of travelers today and Saturday, with roads leading to Luohu, Futian and Shenzhen Bay checkpoints likely to face congestion, according to the bureau.

Meanwhile, according to the city’s border inspection authority’s forecast, during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, Shenzhen’s various checkpoints will experience a peak in inbound and outbound passenger flows. It is estimated that the daily average of cross-border travelers will be approximately 720,000 people, and the peak flow may exceed 800,000 people.

The city’s airport and railway stations will also see a substantial influx of travelers starting from today.

During the holiday period, between tomorrow and Oct. 6, expressways will be toll-free. Travelers are strongly advised to plan their journeys meticulously to avoid congestion.

For those planning to drive to popular destinations such as Shenzhen Bay, Lianhua Hill, Litchi, and Donghu parks, as well as Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, it is imperative to make parking reservations prior to arrival.

Travelers driving to Shenzhen’s eastern tourist attractions, including Dapeng Peninsula and the Meisha area, should also make reservations ahead of time.