New Line 8 stations present marine elements

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2023-12-22

Tourists can take Metro to Yantian District to enjoy a view of the mountains and the sea with the operation of Line 8 Phase II, which is scheduled for Dec. 28.

Line 8’s Phase II starts from Phase I’s Yantian Road Station and ends at Xiaomeisha Station. It spans 8 kilometers with four stations, namely Hong’anwei, Yantianxu, Dameisha, and Xiaomeisha.

Along the line, Yantian District is presenting its natural and cultural riches to eastbound travelers, with landmarks such as the Yantian coastal promenade, Meisha Bay Beach, and the Dameisha and Xiaomeisha tourist attractions. The four stations’ designs also reflect Yantian’s marine feature, in addition to the district’s reputation for green tourism.

Dameisha beach, a popular spot for newcomers to Shenzhen seeking a seaside experience, is conveniently accessible from exits A and B of Dameisha Station. The station’s design, dubbed as “Light of Deep Sea,” highlights marine elements with artistic ceiling lamps, sunroof windows, and blue-and-white wall décor patterns.

Artistic displays of whales enhance the marine atmosphere to the station, where travelers are greeted with graphics of whales riding the waves. They can also rest on whale-shaped benches or head straight to the beach through the station’s whale-shaped exits.

The line’s terminus, Xiaomeisha Station, is closest to the sea. The Xiaomeisha resort area, which is now undergoing renovation, will reopen during the May Day holiday in 2024 to cater to the peak tourist season. The revamped area will feature a new theme park, an ecological park, a coastal shopping mall, and hotels for everyone to enjoy.

From Yantianxu Station, travelers can walk for about 8 minutes to reach Yantian Seafood Street, a 600-meter-long street with dozens of seafood restaurants dotting the neighborhood.

Line 8 facilitates easy access for passengers from Nanshan, Futian, and Luohu to the popular Dameisha and Xiaomeisha tourist destinations.

For those heading to the Meisha areas, several transportation alternatives are available. Commuters can opt for Lines 4 and 5 departing from Shenzhen North Railway Station, choose Line 5 from Shenzhen East Railway Station (with a transfer to Line 8), select Line 1 from Shenzhen Railway Station (with a transfer to Line 8), or take Line 11 from the airport (with a transfer to Line 8).

The extension line also offers convenience for travelers from Hong Kong, with direct access to Line 8 from Liantang and Shatoujiao checkpoints.