Park culture season launched to embrace Spring Festival

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2024-02-06

THE 2024 Park Culture Season of Shenzhen kicked off at a ceremony held at Bijia Mountain Sports Park in Futian District on Sunday to provide citizens colorful activities throughout the year.

At the ceremony, a face-changing Sichuan opera performance attracted applause from the audience.

During the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, eight parks, namely Bijia Mountain Sports Park, Lianhua Hill Park, Shenzhen Bay Park, Central Park, Shenzhen International Garden and Flower Expo Park, Shenzhen Litchi Park, Shenzhen Renmin Park, and Yangtai Mountain Forest Park, will jointly launch New Year celebrations that include dragon dance and Yingge Dance performances.

Celebrations will also be held at other parks during the holiday. Citizens can find event information through the WeChat account “美丽深圳” (mlszgzh). Additionally, citizens can find greenway information in the “深i绿道” WeChat miniprogram.

More than 1,000 events of various kinds will be held in parks this year, including the Greater Bay Area Flower Show 2024, park concerts, park coffee festivals, and nature education carnivals.

The Shenzhen Park Culture Season, initiated in 2006, provided citizens with over 600 cultural activities last year.

Shenzhen boasts 1,290 parks and 3,406 kilometers of greenways.

Shenzhen has recently completed a project linking five urban parks in the city center — Lianhua Hill, Bijia Hill, Central, Meilin Mountain, and Yinhu Mountain parks — to provide citizens with new walking routes that are uninterrupted by roads.

The project is the first step of the city’s “Shanhailiancheng” (literally, “mountains and seas connecting the city”) initiative, which aims to create an eco-spatial structure featuring a ridge, a coastal belt, and 20 ecological corridors across the city.

By 2035, citizens will live in an energetic ecological environment where mountains, seas, urban areas, and parks will be harmoniously integrated, according to an official plan.