Firefighting Drones - Competent assistants for firefighters

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2024-02-05

A fire drill took place in Yantian District on Feb. 3, which showcased the efficiency and potential of firefighting drones, exploring new methods and applications for combating fires in high-rise buildings. During the drill, a drone equipped with a dry powder tank and a fire extinguisher bomb successfully put out a fire in a six-story building, demonstrating the valuable role these drones can play in firefighting operations.

As technology continues to advance, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become widely utilized in firefighting, showcasing their unique capabilities. In this particular drill, a drone swiftly took off after a fire was reported inside the building. Carrying a dry powder tank and a fire-extinguishing bomb, the drone quickly flew to the scene. Once the fire’s location was pinpointed, the drone ejected the extinguisher bomb, broke a window, and effectively extinguished the fire.

The use of UAVs in firefighting has proven to be advantageous due to their ability to reach fire scenes swiftly and provide real-time information to firefighters. A staff member of the Fire Rescue Brigade of Yantian District emphasized the challenges faced by firefighters when smoke rises rapidly at a rate of 3 to 5 meters per second, increasing to 8 meters as the fire intensifies. However, with the assistance of UAVs, firefighters can inform the firefighters of the situation, significantly enhancing rescue efficiency. Additionally, these drones can operate in harsh conditions, minimizing safety risks for rescue personnel.

The drones utilized in the drill were manufactured by Jiangsu Shuziying Co. Ltd. Mao Xianlun, the company's president, highlighted the drone’s capabilities, where each drone has the capacity to carry up to four dry powder bombs, with each bomb able to cover an area of 9 square meters. These bombs can easily break windows to access rooms, while the dry powder used does not cause damage to valuable items within the room. This makes drones ideal assistants for firefighting operations, particularly in high-rise buildings.

The successful implementation of firefighting drones in Yantian District drill has highlighted their potential in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of firefighting operations. As the advancement of technology continues, the widespread application of UAVs in firefighting is expected to offer improved safety and effectiveness in combating fires in various scenarios, especially in high-rise buildings.