Recognition list of intl. qualifications unveiled in Shenzhen

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2022-01-11

Shenzhen will recognize 20 kinds of international professional qualifications for overseas talents who hope to get employed and start businesses in the city, according to the human resources and social security bureau yesterday.

The qualifications are included in the city’s first list on the subject released by the bureau, which involve six sectors, namely tax advisers, certified architects, registered rural and urban planners, physicians, seafarers, and tour guides.

The list allows overseas talents with recognized qualifications to provide professional services in Shenzhen after getting registered with local authorities.

The list is believed to be able to create a better policy environment to attract talents, according to the bureau.

On Oct. 11, 2020, the Central Government issued the Implementation Plan for the Pilot Comprehensive Reform of Building a Pilot Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Shenzhen, which consists of a detailed plan for comprehensive pilot reforms to be implemented in the city.

The plan authorizes Shenzhen to formulate standards to identify high-tech and high-end talented foreigners, allow overseas professionals with international qualifications in finance, taxation, architecture and planning to provide professional services and relax restrictions on foreign personnel (excluding medical and health personnel) from having to take various professional qualification examinations.

Since rolling out an implementation plan on advancing the facilitation of overseas professionals’ practice system last March, Shenzhen has attracted over 400 overseas professionals with international qualifications to work in the city.

At present, overseas talents with international qualifications in taxation, architecture and planning can practice in Shenzhen without having to take qualification examinations.

Taxation professionals from Hong Kong and Macao can practice in Qianhai, while certified architects from Hong Kong as well as urban planners from Hong Kong and Macao can practice in the city.

Professional tour guides from Hong Kong and Macao can start their services in Qianhai after training and registration.

Medical practitioners from Hong Kong and Macao can work in Shenzhen on a short-term basis and they can perform surgeries in the city under a pilot program that recognizes their qualifications.