From: Yantian Government Online | Updated:2024-03-13

The folk culture within Yantian District is an integral part of Lingnan culture. Yantian’s folk customs including wedding ceremonies and funerals, which were established by the people through long and stable social practice, have evolved into a sophisticated structure with profound and rich meanings. The residents are mainly comprised of Cantonese and Hakkas and such residential structure stayed unchanged until Yantian District was established in 1998. These two major families have their own unique features and styles. Cantonese are mainly engaged in fishing and salt industry. In Ming and Qing Dynasties, the region was reputed as “a land of fish, rice and fruits”. Therefore, Yantian people inherited many fishermen’s customs and lifestyles from their ancestors, such as fishing habits, worshipping Sea God and other gods as well as performing superstitious rituals. Hakka community still bears unique Hakka specialties including offering sacrifices to ancestors, lion- and tiger-dancing, Hakka folk song, Hakka stuffed bean curd and glutinous rice wine.

In addition, the exotic culture manners and customs Yantian people brought from other countries also have an impact on Yantian’s existing folk customs. Since the Reform and Opening-up, Yantian people have developed a number of healthy and positive new ideas, trends, fashion, folk customs and festivals, which helps to upgrade humanity environment and boost the economy.