Dameisha Beach Park

From: Yantian Government Online | Updated:2021-10-12

As one of the most popular summer resorts in Shenzhen, the Dameisha Park has a golden-sand beach area of 100,000 square meters. It is free to the public, but people who come to the park should apply online first.

The Wish Tower at the center of the beaches is a romantic place to go with someone special. An elevator carries riders to a sightseeing platform 62 meters above the sand is definitely a place where no one can miss the vast sea and blue sky.

Many people also come to taste the roast pigeon, a local specialty sold for 25 yuan a bird. A variety of lodging is available, from the five-star hotel to motel.

Transportation: take bus m362 to Dameisha Subdistrict Office Station (大梅沙街道办站).

During the tourism season, the service of buses departing from the Meisha area, including J1, M437, 380A, 380B, 103, 308 and 387, will be extended until 2 a.m.