Comprehensive Legal Services System

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2023-10-27


Yantian District, working through the Justice Bureau of Yantian in cooperation with the Shenzhen Blue Ocean Legal Investigation and Commercial Mediation Center, Guangdong Huashang (Yantian) Law Firm and Yantian District Advanced Intellectual Property Legal Protection Center, is optimizing the provisions related to foreign-related legal investigations, international commercial mediation and legal services involving Hong Kong. 

A total of 62 laws and regulations of foreign-related legal investigations have been launched and 19 typical cases published. Attorneys from the Guangdong Huashang (Yantian) Law Firm are stationed at the Sino-Hong Kong Cooperative Public Legal Service Center to answer inquiries on foreign-related legal services and provide dispute resolution services for local enterprises involved in foreign commercial disputes. The Yantian District Advanced Intellectual Property Legal Protection Center has arranged for attorneys to be on duty at the Intellectual Property Dispute Mediation Studio to provide legal consultations and dispute resolution services for intellectual property matters. In cooperation with the Shenzhen International Arbitration Court, a liaison office of the Shenzhen International Arbitration Court in Yantian District has been established at the Yantian-Sino-Hong Kong Legal Service Cooperation Center. It provides on-site consultations, online case filing, offline hearings, legal lectures and other services to enhance the local commercial dispute resolution system, efficiently resolve cross-border disputes, and provide convenient arbitration services for local enterprises.

Moreover, a professional legal service team for maritime and commercial matters has been established, which has recruited high-end legal professionals in maritime and commercial law. The Shenzhen Yantian District Huashang Maritime Legal Service Center has been established, with over 20 members on the maritime and commercial legal service team. They provide support for enterprises that are going global and contribute to the development of Yantian District’s marine economy and the construction of the core area of the global marine center city. The “I Shenzhen” platform has launched functions such as legal aid and notary services. The “12348 Law Network” provides free legal consultation services.