Supply of Land Resources Guaranteed

From: Shenzhen Daily | Updated:2023-10-28

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Yantian District vigorously implements the "Industrial Development in Salt Fields" strategy, focusing on constructing a modern industrial system with the "5+3+1" framework, effectively ensuring industrial space. In 2022, a total of 34.15 hectares of new land were supplied, including 14.44 hectares of land designated explicitly for emerging industries. These lands were showcased and introduced during the Investment Promotion Conference, with approximately 32.6 hectares of industrial land being made available. High-level entrepreneur symposiums and port economy development forums were held, attracting the registration and establishment of 276 new enterprises, including one with an investment exceeding 1 billion yuan and thirteen with investments exceeding 100 million yuan. Notable projects from outside the city were also included, such as a subsidiary of Sinopec, a Fortune Global 500 company, New Energy Group, a Chinese Fortune 500 company, and Newegg Group, one of the top ten cross-border e-commerce companies in North America. On Nov. 18, 2022, Yantian District held the Yantian Investment Promotion Conference, attracting representatives from over 160 companies and institutions. A total of 50 key industrial projects were signed and implemented, achieving fruitful results in investment attraction efforts.