Stopover policies in Shenzhen

From: Yantian District Government Online | Updated:2021-08-30

While in China, please take your passport or residence permit with you at all times in case of a police inspection.

During the time you are staying in Shenzhen, if you decide to stay at a hotel, the law stipulates you must check in and register at the hotel's reception desk. However,if you choose to live in your friends'or relatives home, or to rent or buy a house, within 24 hours of arriving, you must go to the police station to apply for temporary residence.

Alternatively, you may also choose to apply for residence via WeChat by scanning a QR code. Temporary residence registration is an essential document in order to apply for or extend a visa, and to handle important matters such as getting a driver'slicense, marriage, employment, study, etc. You or the home owner must go to the local public security office to register for temporary residence. If you haven't completed the registration correctly, you will receive a warning and may be fined up to 2, 000 RMB.